Vintage Casual

hard rock sweatshirt, american eagle jeans, Jordan shoes

Yeah that’s right everyone, this whole outfit was only $34.75! Let me tell ya, it’s not uncommon to find vintage pullovers similar to this in thrift shops. The key to finding pullovers like this, is to look in the men’s, women’s, AND kids section in all sizes. People can be interested in something when they pick it up, but then go to another section later and decide to put it back. I have found so many treasures by just skimming through the little kid’s section because of this.


I got this super adorable vintage pullover for only $4.75 at Value Village. I actually found this in the men’s XL section, but it is a unisex medium. As I said previously in this post, it pays to look everywhere, because you never know what you can find in the most random places. You could pair this pullover with anything from cute jeans, to comfy sweatpants!

American Eagle Jeans

I actually bought these jeans at my local Goodwill a few weeks ago. They were in the correct section, but they were hiding between some pretty atrocious pairs of grandma jeans. They have such a beautiful wash, that pretty much makes them go with everything I have in my closet. I wear these jeans with sporty t shirts, girly tops, sweatshirts, you name it! You really can’t go wrong with a cute and comfortable pair of American Eagle Jeans.

Jordan Shoes

Last but DEFINITELY not least, I got these Jordan shoes basically brand new at a yard sale for only $20! I typically search for my clothing items to be a little cheaper than that, but I just couldn’t help myself. You can wear these shoes with ANYTHING! I pair them with jeans and leggings often, but I have even worn them with my t shirt dress once or twice, and it was surprising to me how good they look together! I love these shoes so much they are by far one of my favorite finds.

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